OPB: Kevin’s Apple Wild Rice

I’m thinking OPB (“Other People’s Blogs”) is going to become a regular feature here…I find so much inspiration from other food bloggers, and I often make their recipes, so I’ll post my experiences with their recipes when I give them a try in my own kitchen.

Kevin, of Closet Kitchen, was ultimately the blogger that inspired me to get some skin in the food blogging game, with his recipe for thai coconut squash…he cooks straightforward food, posts clear instructions, and his photos make me salivate. I hope to be that good one day.

I usually make some sort of wild rice dish to bring home to Michigan as my Thanksgiving “stuffing” since I can’t have my mom’s excellent sage stuffing. Kevin’s recipe put a new twist on the rice, by cooking the rice in a combo of chicken stock and cider – brilliant! Add to that, a basic mir poix and a handful of dried fruit….this is one dish that will go far beyond the Thanksgiving table.

Thanks for bringing new flavors to my table, Kevin!

Closet Kitchen: Apple Wild Rice
Serves 4 (2/3 cup serving size)
4 Weight Watchers Points per serving

My notes:

I didn’t have any celery on hand, so it was just carrot, onion and garlic for me. But I did have some wild celery leaves from our CSA, so I added a couple tablespoons of that to the mix. I don’t care for raisins in my rice dishes, so I went with a handful of dried cherries. And of course, I made this in my beloved rice maker, after sauteeing the veg in a pan on the stove. I also added a tablespoon of fresh sage, minced, for that true stuffing flavor.

Also, I think this is the best wild rice dish I have ever eaten. I will be making this many more times.

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