Pom Champagne Cocktail

February in the Midwest is a real grind. By meterological fact, winter is officially 80% over and there’s an extra hour of daylight that wasn’t there a month ago. We should be thankful for these things, and most days I am. But then we get busted with Snopocalypse, followed by a deep-freeze and finally a magical few days where temps nearly hit 60 degrees where you nearly needed a life raft to cross the snowmelt flooded streets. You take off layers of clothing, toss those mittens aside wantonly, and then get smacked in the face with a dreary Sunday with rain and sleet pouring from the sky in an unending torrent.

I am SO ready for Spring. I can handle the consistently cold weather of December and January, but when February yanks us around with this yo-yo weather – it makes me crabby. I just want winter to be over and for the tulips and crocuses gently unfurling in the Spring sunshine.

I didn’t get to go running this morning with my new four-legged running partner, Miracle, so we were both a little restless this afternoon. Mark kicked back with some video games, and I made a pot of smoky corn and bacon chowder. In the late afternoon, I decided that what the day needed was a sparkling cocktail.

I had a bottle of my favorite champagne in the fridge, and the lovely folks at Pom Wonderful had recently shipped me a few bottles of their juice to try. It seemed only fitting to put the two together. I may not win any bartending awards for presentation, but this was a pretty fine cocktail –  the tart and sweet pom juice complemented the bubbly very nicely. A good champagne cocktail will brighten up any rainy winter day!

Pom Cocktails
Serves 2

1 8oz bottle of Pom Wonderful
2 tumblers

Pour 4oz (half a bottle) of Pom juice in each glass, then pour in 4oz champagne. Sip, and think of Spring.

What’s your favorite champagne cocktail? Or, do you have any interesting ways to enjoy Pom juice? Share with a comment below…

Besides being my running partner, Miracle doubles as sous chef. She has strong opinions on which spices should go in the soup.

The tiny pink hippo is doomed.