Vegan Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter Popsicles

Hey beloved readers – it’s been awhile since I’ve shared food stories here, and I’m sorry for that. I’ve missed you and my kitchen…it’s been an epic couple of weeks.

On August 1, I ran the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, and it was AWESOME! You may remember that I ran the half-mary for the American Cancer Society’s DetermiNation endurance athlete program to raise funds to kick cancer’s ass. I am 100% certain that my marathon was awesome BECAUSE I ran for a cause I’m passionate about. The people who run marathons for charities are an amazing bunch. I volunteered at the ACS booth at the expo before the race to help check-in our runners and met so many amazing people who shared their reasons for running for ACS, and found myself tearing up many times while talking with our athletes.

Then, there was the DetermiNation Team Dinner before the race – I met even more amazing athletes there, and the inspiring, emotional program speakers really set the tone for the weekend ahead to go out and make every step count for the loved ones we were running for. Sunday morning, I was ready. I checked-in at the ACS tent, met up with our team, and headed for the starting line for a team picture before the race.

My friends Kate, Heather, Jeff and myself – my pace crew for the race.

And then, I was off. I started the race running with a few friends who were running the same pace – 10:30 miles. My friend Jeff ran with me for the first half, and I know that I ran far faster and had more fun than I would have without his company. I left Jeff at the halfway mark, and finished the race on my own, running up to any ACS runner I found along the way to chat for a few, and offer encouragement…it was a blast! My legs felt solid for the whole race, and the ACS cheer teams along the route and the rock bands at every mile mark kept me moving and motivated. I’m proud to say that I finished the race faster than my 2:30 goal, with a finishing time of 2:22! (View Race photos HERE.)

After the race, Mark and I immediately hopped in the car to drive up to Tofte, MN for our annual camping trip with our friends. Sitting in a car for 11 hours after a half-marathon may not be the ideal plan, but I had a cooler of ice at my side and an ice pack that I refilled for the entire journey to ice my legs, and it did the trick – I wasn’t nearly as sore the next day as I expected. Following a big race with a week on Lake Superior with dear friends camping is probably the best finishing line I can think of!

Back home in Chicago in the land of heat and sweat, I decided it was time to dig out the popsicle molds. I’ve been frozen banana obsessed all summer – eating a couple chunks of frozen banana has become a pre-run ritual, and sometimes I dip them in melted chocolate and peanut butter for an extra decadent treat. So taking a note from my banana bon-bons, I decided to go for a chocolate peanut butter vegan fudgcicle.

I gotta say, you need to make these – NOW. They have that perfect creamy fudgecicle consistency with no dairy, and no added sugar. I know I’ll be making many more batches of these treats.

Finally, thank you ALL for your support and encouragement during my training for the half-marathon! With your help, I raised $2100 to help cancer patients and fuel the discovery for new treatments and cancer cures!

What’s your favorite frozen treat in the heat of summer? Share your favorites in the comments below!

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Banana Popsicles
Serves 6

4 large bananas, peeled
1 T vanilla extract
1/4 c peanut butter (natural unsweetened, unsalted creamy peanut butter)
1/3 cup good-quality dutched cocoa powder
pinch of salt

  1. Add all ingredients to the food processor and puree until smooth.  Pour the pudding-like mixture into a two-cup measure for easier pouring. Pour the batter into your popsicle molds and let them freeze until solid, about 4-6 hours. Unmold the pops by dipping them in a glass of hot water for about 15 seconds before pulling the pops from the molds.
  2. UPDATE:  Someone stop me, I can’t live without these treats! I took a new approach and poured the mixture into my silicone muffin pans, then froze them solid, popped them out of the molds and cut each “banana cake” into quarters, so now I have chocolate banana bon-bons, for quick, easy snacking!

173 cal per popsicle, 30 cal from fat, 8g fat, 10mg sodium, 260mg potassium, 22g carbs, 3g fiber, 12g sugars, 3g protein

The best popsicle I have ever eaten.

35 thoughts on “Vegan Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter Popsicles

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  2. CONGRATULATIONS! As always, you are a goal-setter! What an example to everyone who knows you!!!

    Question on the above…can I use whole milk instead of almond milk? I’m thinking this may be a cure-all for Kira’s eating woes… she lOVES the peanut-butter, banana, choc. chip muffins I make (stuffed w/ carrot and sweet potato puree)!


    • Oh sure – you can use any milk you like in these – whole, skim, almond, rice, soy – whatever your milk-like substance of choice is! You could make them in an ice cube tray for smaller fingers (and smaller messes) as well, if you like, since it’s kinda hi-cal for wee tots.

      And thanks for the half-marathon support…now – to figure out what the next goal is! 😉

  3. so awesome jenn! congratulations! i was thinking about you that day, and a vacay was the perfect retreat :). sounds like a successful run and vacay!

    i have GOT to get a popsicle mold. it’s been on my wishlist for a bazillion years, and i keep seeing recipes i want to try.

    • Heather, I expect you to walk yourself to the nearest kitchenware store immediately to get a popsicle mold! It’s like the lazy person’s ice cream.

      I’d honestly forgotten about my molds since last year, but I’ve tired of making sorbets and custard base for now, so it’s going to be popsicles from here on out at our house for awhile. I’m thinking some cherry-vanilla-balsamic ones will be coming up soon…

  4. Really proud of you Jenn! I know I’d never have it in me to go through the physical rigor of training for a run and more importantly, being so focused with fund raising and the cause. You are a huge source of inspiration!! 🙂

    And the fudgecicle sounds delishh!!! I never thought anything ice-creamy-y could be made without dairy. I’m filing this one in the ‘recipes for my baby nephew’ folder. Can’t wait to make it for him.

    • Thanks, Sabera! I’m pretty proud of my accomplishment and raising some funds to kick cancer’s ass, too!

      Oh, don’t wait for your nephie to make these popsicles – they’re amazing! And I do make all my ice creams without dairy, too – I just use coconut milk for those, and it’s hard to tell the difference…then again, I haven’t had dairy ice cream in so long, I may not remember the difference anymore! 🙂

  5. I was devasted today when I realized I’d chucked out my old popsicle molds a few months back, and then more devasted that I couldn’t find any to buy when I went shopping for some…search is on again tomorrow! Has me thinking of the banana/choc ice cream on a stick from the ice cream truck years and years ago…

    • I found popsicle molds on an endcap clearance rack at Target – paid $2.50 for a pack of four. I just wish they had come in a six pack! I’ve been watching for more elsewhere but haven’t found them.

      • I’ve got a 6-pack set of molds – and may pick up a second set – Mark’s not a banana fan! Bed, Bath & Beyond has several different models on their website – figured I’d wander over there at lunch sometime this week.

  6. Jenn, you’re amazing! Your transformation and holistic approach is inspiring, never mind the fact that everything you cook is amazing haha. Cheers to kicking this half-marathon’s ass and thank you for helping inspire me to get moving with the Couch 2 5k!

    • Thanks, James! Well, not *everything* I cook is amazing – I’ve got the same kitchen flops as any cook – they just don’t end up on the blog – ha! But you gotta try these popsicles – they are crazy good for being so simple!

      Keep up the good work with the running/hiking/mountain climbing – I’m jealous of the Colorado lifestyle you’re living out there! Hopefully we’ll join you one day!

  7. Congrats again on the race! You were awesome out there and very inspiring!

    These popsicles were fabulous. I skipped the extra cocoa powder (I thought I had some, but still can’t find it…) but they were perfect even without. Any other good popsicle recipes to share? I tried making cantaloupe-lime (merely pureeing the cantaloupe and squeezing in some lime juice), and they’re okay, but missing something.

    • Oh yes…I’ve really been enjoying sour cherry, greek yogurt, vanilla & a splash of good balsamic pureed & frozen. Tonight we’re having blackberry-lime-greek-yogurt pops – I needed to add a little agave to those, the blackberries were a little tart. Blueberry & vanilla yogurt are also pretty tasty. If you want to go for a straight-up old school treat – make a batch of Jello chocolate pudding and pour it into the molds – so yummy!

  8. Hey Jenn,
    First visit to your page and viola, its so impressive! 🙂
    I loved the pics of marathon..I feel inspired!
    And the popsicles are so yummy looking.I m sure you would have enjoyed them a lot.

    • Thanks, Tanvi! If I can do a half-marathon, I think just about anyone can – I’d never run a mile in my life before I decided to do this, and now I love running!

      Glad you liked the popsicles – give them a try and let me know how you like them.

  9. I made it! Just the half of the recipe (because we are 2 at home). I add spelt milk in the absence of almonds.
    The truth is that without frozen the recipe is a perfect pudding mix!
    I look forward to the time in the freezer!

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  11. That popsicle looks amazing. I’m a big fan of the chocolate popsicle recipe in the Scharffen Berger cookbook too. It’s amazing what good cocoa powder can do- rich and delish!

  12. This sounds delish! Love the idea of using the silicone muffin tins – was thinking of using these as a fancy-looking dessert for upcoming BBQ party…drizzled with some home-made chocolate syrup or just plain whipped cream…yum!

    One question tho: Jenna asked about using whole milk instead of almond milk, but the recipe doesn’t mention any almond milk. Does she mean replacing the bananas with whole milk?

    I’m probably missing something here…

    • I generally don’t use any milk in them, but if my food processor resists the nanas, I occasionally add a bit of coconut milk to them…I don’t add almond or whole milk, as they would get more crystally and less creamy.

      If you serve them as pretty little desserts with whipped cream (YUM!), pop them out of the molds, and let them sit out for a few minutes to soften just a little – they freeze pretty hard. As they melt, it’s a little like chocolate pudding. So good.

      • OMG! These are soooooo addictive! I made half the recipe and added 1/2 tsp. instant espresso powder and a touch of stevia. Wow! The espresso really brings out the chocolate flavor.

        My next batch, I’ll omit the cocoa powder and vanilla and up the salt a bit. Add some crushed peanuts for a crunchy texture. The variations are endless, especially since I don’t have an ice cream maker….thank you!

  13. Good call on the espresso, Natalie – I’m going to try that next time, for sure! I have done the pops with some chopped peanuts – it’s a little problematic for popsicle format, as they can be a little sharp while eating the pop…but when I make them as bon-bons in the silicone muffin tins, then cut them into bite-sized pieces, then the chopped nuts work out nicely. Chopped maple candied walnuts are nice in them as well, with just bananas and vanilla for a praline kind of vibe. Enjoy!

  14. Hi! I just found this recipe for the banana/chocolate/peanut butter pops via Pinterest and it sounds delicious. But I’m a little confused. In the paragraph just before the recipe you state there’s no sugar added except what’s in chocolate chips, but the recipe itself doesn’t have chocolate chips listed as an ingredient, only dutch cocoa powder. Also, some of the comments talk about substituting other types of milk for the almond milk. But I there isn’t any almond milk or any other type of milk listed in the recipe either. Is there supposed to be chocolate chips and milk in the recipe? If so, how much?

    • Hey Cindy – thanks for the questions. I went back and edited the recipe to eliminate chocolate chips, and I just use cocoa powder now, but you’re right – I should have edited the narrative as well. And the recipe is correct – no almond or coconut milk anymore, either, just bananas, pb, salt and vanilla. Funny that you found this recipe today – I’ve got a few bananas ripening on the counter for these popsicles! Sorry for the confusion. I’ll go back and edit!

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