Quick Bites: Sandwich Petal Quesadillas

I don’t review a lot of gluten-free products here. There are gobs of other wonderful gluten-free bloggers who do a much better job than I in giving celiacs the low-down on the latest products. But once in awhile, there’s a product that steals my heart and I decide to share it with you.

The adorably-named Sandwich Petals are one of the few gluten-free products that I truly love, and now want to have in my pantry at all times. I rarely have bread around the house – not that I don’t love a good loaf of gluten-free bread, but it’s hard for two of us to get through a loaf before it gets stale (or worse – turns sandy), and the calorie investment of gluten-free breads are pretty high. We do eat our share of tacos and quesadillas using our favorite local corn tortillas from El Milagro. But you can’t make a wrap out of a corn tortilla, and I miss the toothsome texture of a really good flour tortilla.

Enter the Sandwich Petal. These pretty, football shaped tortillas are made by Raquelita’s in Denver, Colorado (and I just might stop in next time we’re visiting my brother out there). They’re only 90 calories each (as compared to some other GF tortillas at 180 cal/each), and they are pretty good for you, too. Nutrition is all well and good, but you know me – I’m all about GOOD food – and these hit the mark. When warmed up for a few seconds, you can stuff them with anything and roll them up for a perfect wrap sandwich. Make a quick open face pizza in the toaster oven, or cut them into triangles and use them to scoop up your favorite hummus.

The killer app for the tortillas has to be the quesadilla. Wow. Sprinkle a tortilla with your favorite cheese and a light smattering of toppings. Heat a non stick pan, and spray lightly with olive oil. Assemble your quesadilla and gently lay it in the pan. Cook for 1 minute. Spray the top tortilla with a bit more olive oil, then flip and cook for 1 more minute, then slide it out of the pan, cut it up and enjoy.

Some of my favorite quesadilla fillings:

Dill Jack Cheese + minced spanish chorizo
Jalepeno Chihuahua Cheese + scallions + sauteed mushrooms
Homemade Nutella (do I even have to tell you how amazing this one is?!)
Herbed Goat Cheese + mushrooms
Fried egg + green onions + favorite melting cheese

You can do anything with these tortillas. And for a gluten-free product, they’re pretty darned economical at $25 for a case of 36 tortillas (and that includes shipping). Order some today!

Click here to order Sandwich Petals!

7 thoughts on “Quick Bites: Sandwich Petal Quesadillas

  1. Thanks for the tip on the “Petals”, Jenn.
    I am definitely ordering these. I contacted the website to see if I can just get the plain ones instead of the variety box. The petals will be a perfect substitute for bread.

    • Sara – I’m sure they’d be happy to ship you a case of the plain petals. I will say that the spinach garlic ones do have those flavors, though not strong. The Chile Mayo ones are not in any way at all spicy…not sure I can even detect the chile flavor, so if you’re worried about heat – don’t be. 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. Are you able to buy these retail in Chicago or do you just order them? It doesn’t appear that I can get them anywhere here in MI and $25 is a lot to spend without knowing if I’ll even like them.

    • Nope, no retail options – mail order only. But the $25 per case is tax-free and includes shipping – it’s still cheaper than any other GF tortilla out there. In Jan, they also had buy 1 case, get 1 free on Mondays before noon – check tomorrow to see if they’re doing it again.

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