An Anniversary of Sorts

Mark and I are not very good at celebrating the official anniversaries that mark our life together, though we do always remember to go to our favorite restaurant, Campagnola, for our wedding anniversary (and I’ll tell you they really know how to feed me safely and well). The end of October is a different kind of anniversary, and one I am profoundly grateful for each year and every day.

This October we celebrated 7 years of gluten-free life. Seven years ago, a healer came into my life that distilled 25 years of nagging health issues into one simple prescription – stop eating wheat. Of course, the simple solution requires constant vigilance, and I did have to grieve the loss of my favorite pastries for quite awhile. But now…it’s all good.

The nagging health problems and allergies are gone. The extra body weight – gone. I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been. I know how to feed myself well, and I love to share that food with our friends and with all of you. So thank you, dear readers for being a part of the journey.

And to celebrate this anniversary which was truly my re-birth, I’ve got a few new toys that will help me share more food and stories with you. Our old point-and-shoot digital camera has a bad case of dementia. He’s getting confused easily, and takes video when I want to take photos, and the lens makes scary crunchy noises when you turn the camera on. A new camera was definitely in order.

My father-in-law offered us his old digital SLR camera, as he hadn’t been using it much. We jumped at the very generous offering. It is a VERY nice camera, and it’s going to take me some time to learn to use it properly, but WOW. Thanks, Dad. This camera is going to make my food look as good as it tastes.

Finally, I bought a Lowel Ego photography light to help with indoor shots, now that the sun has long set by the time I’m in the kitchen cooking. That big black thing in the left side of the frame below is the light, mounted on a tabletop tripod. The light provides bright, cool light and seems to be making even a humble plate of pasta look AWESOME.

So, happy 7th Gluten-Free anniversary to me! We’re not suffering in the slightest by eating gluten-free, and we very much enjoyed our bowls of Tinkyada Brown Rice pasta with my homeade tomato sauce for lunch today. I’ll be continuing the celebration tomorrow night at Boka for my first Safe & Sound Dinner hosted by my dear friend Lisa Williams, with a special menu designed specially for our group of allergenistas!

5 thoughts on “An Anniversary of Sorts

  1. Congrats Jenn! Wow – 7 years – quite an accomplishment and definitely an anniversary worth celebrating!I've never been to Campagnola – probably cause it's in Evanston and I haven't ventured out of Chicago for restaurants ;)Also – love that light – that's what i started using given my complete absence of natural light in my kitchen – but i need that tripod!

  2. Thanks, all! Heather, Campagnola is *barely* out of the city, and close to the Main stop on the purple like – you should give it a try sometime, it's wonderful! I share your complete lack of natural light in the kitchen – the Ego light is incredible! The tripod is definitely a great help in aiming the light.

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