Heading West

Aren’t those rocks breathtaking?! We took that pic at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado when we were visiting my brother at Thanksgiving in 2007…and we haven’t had a chance to visit him since. So, we’re trading in the flat lands and Lake for a long weekend in the mountains to hang out with Mike and Lisa. There is certain to be good food (Mike has promised to make homeade chili with house-smoked pork shoulder!), excellent company, and much beer tasting as Mark will be heading to Great American Beer Fest while we’re out there. Oh, and did I mention the good music?! We’ll be seeing one of our favorite bands, Carbon Leaf, along with a very new favorite Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers…if you’re looking for some new tunes, I highly recommend them both. And if they’re coming to your town, check them out – they both put on a fantastic live show.

I also hope to get some good hiking in while we’re out West, to fill my spirit with a dose of mountain beauty. While I love Chicago, my soul still misses the beautiful mountains of the North Cascades and Holden Village where I lived in 1999.

In my absence, maybe you’ll check out some of the very fine blogs of my friends in the “Delicious Reads” section to the right. I’ll be back next week to share a bit about our travels, and what we’re eating upon our return.

4 thoughts on “Heading West

  1. Thanks, Ladies! We're having a wonderful time out here…and I've got a beautiful loaf of GF bread in the oven, that's making everyone want a slice!

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