International Bacon Day: BLT

Today is International Bacon Day. Did you know that? I didn’t either, until I logged into Twitter this morning, and @glutenfreechef notified me of this noble celebration of pig. So, it was my duty to work some bacon into our day, and we went with the classic BLT, with a twist. And I have to confess that this was my first BLT since going gluten-free seven years ago, and I don’t know why I waited so long, but I think I’ll be re-running this meal before the weekend is out.

I baked some basil-rosemary gluten-free bread on Friday from the wonderful Pamela’s bread mix. If you’re new to the gluten-free life, and missing your carbs, give Pamela’s mixes a try – you won’t feel sad about missing baked goods anymore. My gluten-eating husband will happily eat Pamela’s breads, and the dough takes very well to herby additions.

Gorgeous heirloom tomatoes and a bunch of arugula came in our CSA this week, and local bacon from Wisconsin was in the fridge – the B, L, and T were now accounted for. We added just a twist to the traditional BLT with the addition of a fried egg on the sandwich. As I devoured the sandwich, tomato juices ran down the outside of my hand – the classic sign of a BLT done right. Served with a couple ears of Michigan sweet corn, this was the perfect meal of summer. Now go out and celebrate International Bacon Day for yourself!

3 thoughts on “International Bacon Day: BLT

  1. The bread looks delicious. I had no idea it was bacon day. We had chicken tacos instead – next year though – I will be all BLT!

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