Gone Camping…

Doesn’t that river look inviting? I think that is swimming hole #3 or #7 near Tofte, Minnesota, and that’s where Mark and I are headed tomorrow afternoon for a week of relaxation and camping with dear friends. So, the blog will be quiet here for awhile as I take a much needed break from work. And before we leave tomorrow afternoon, there is much cooking and preparing to do so that I ensure that I can eat safely both on the road and while we’re there. I’m grateful that our friends are so understanding of how I need to eat, and our friend Bill has other food allergies, so we’re a well-prepared group of cooks.

While I’m away, might I suggest that you wander over to some of my other favorite food bloggers and writers? I promise you that with the company of the ladies below, you will be well-fed while we are away. See you in a week!

The View from the 32nd Floor

Whitney in Chicago
Chik n’ Pastry
Bread & Honey
Gluten-Free Girl
Smitten Kitchen

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