Joining the Pickle Parade

I love pickles. As a kid, I was always Mom’s pickling assistant, and she’d put a stool in front of the laundry tub for me to stand on, fill it with cold water, and I’d take a brush and scrub the nubbly little cukes until they were clean. It was a fair trade in labor, since I ate way more than my share of the bushel of pickles Mom put up each summer. There were definitely summer days when Kim and I would grab the jar of pickles in the fridge, and demolish the whole thing. I love tart, puckery things – probably why I love margaritas so much.

Everyone in the food blogging world is making pickles. Anything that comes out of the ground – people are pickling it. Lots of folks are pickling sugar snap peas and small carrots…and after reading Whitney in Chicago’s beautiful post, I had to make some too. I had a bag of snap peas and a bag of snow peas in the fridge, and I picked up some gorgeous little baby carrots from Green Acres at the Evanston Farmer’s market. Last Saturday, I made 1 jar of each.

The snap peas were ready for eating the next day, and we’ve been steadily working the jar down, stealing a pea or two anytime we open the fridge. The carrots take a couple of weeks to really fully pickle, so we’re still waiting on those. Or trying to wait. I’ll admit to sneaking a carrot or two, just to check.

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