Intermission: Help Me Fight Cancer

Dear beloved blog readers,

I’m going to take a break from food writing today to tell you about something that’s important to me – and to ask for your help.

Many of you know me personally, and know that I am an avid cyclist, and a few of you may know that I spend my days working for the American Cancer Society to help create a world where cancer no longer takes the lives of those we love. This weekend, I’m combining my passion for cycling and fighting cancer by participating in the American Cancer Society Walk & Roll event.

I’m riding 30 miles for my mom, who is an inspiring example of what it means to be a survivor. Diagnosed with breast cancer over 15 years ago, she has endured countless rounds of treatment, and all with strength and grace. She’s also been there to help care for others in her life who are struggling with cancer, offering care, counsel and homeade pots of soup to anyone in need. On top of that, she’s my mom and I would gladly ride 30 miles for her everyday.

I’m riding 30 miles for my mother-in-law, ViviAnne, who was such a bright light in our lives, and the lives of all the hospice patients she cared for. ViviAnne taught us so much, and we miss her every day.

I’m riding 30 miles for Carol, my mom’s close friend, who with my mom, taught me to love food and the joy it brings to cook for those you love most. I wish that I could cook with Carol today, now that I have my own kitchen to play in.

It’s for these three important women in my life that I work at the American Cancer Society, and so that more women like my mom will receive the life-saving treatments they need. I’m proud of the work that I do, and each time I talk with a survivor who’s benefitted from our free services, or meet a volunteer who gives their time and talents to advance the fight against cancer, I’m inspired to do more.

Please help me!
A donation to the American Cancer Society will help provide free rides to treatment, wigs for patients experiencing hair loss as a side effect of chemo, air transportation and lodging for patients receiving treatment away from home and one-on-one support from our patient care team. Help us advance the fight against cancer today.

To learn a little more about the services we provide to cancer patients and caregivers, check out the following links (that are also projects that I contributed to):

Illinois Cancer Help website

“You” TV spot
“Best Chance” TV spot

Thank you for your support!

P.S. – Tomorrow I’ll be back with a recipe for the BEST enchiladas you’ve ever had.

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