As much as I love the snow….

…I am ready for some sunshine. The pic is the view from our living room yesterday – a very ice-choked Lake Michigan. Today, Mark and I are heading out for a week of sun and fun at sea for our second Ships & Dip cruise with Barenaked Ladies and our favorite lads, Great Big Sea. Last year, we had the most fun we’ve ever had on this cruise – we saw 26 concerts in 5 days, met new friends and snorkeled with the sting rays.

Today we’re embarking on the adventure again, knowing better what to expect, and more importantly – knowing that we must budget more time for sleep! So, there will be no recipes this week, and I’ll be back next weekend – refreshed, and ready to jump back in the kitchen.

2 thoughts on “As much as I love the snow….

  1. Oh, you’re right by the lake in RP. Looks so nice! Better in the summer, though, I’d imagine. 🙂 Isn’t the wind HORRIBLE up here?

  2. I am SO jealous you are going on that cruise. I read about it every year and so want to go, but our budget just doesn’t allow for such things no matter what we do. I’m so done with winter. I was in new orleans for 1/5 days this weekend and there was actually sun. It wasn’t terribly warm, but I tried to at least get a little Vit D going.

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