Gluten Free Pizza

Mark and I had a wonderful Christmas with our families in Michigan, full of good time with parents, cousins, lots of kiddos, and WAY too much food. My body was more than ready to get back to more “normal” eating upon arriving back in Chicago yesterday.

However, while we were in Michigan, Mom and I got out and about to run a few errands – stocking up on local apples and cider to bring back to the city and we stopped by a little convenience store my parents have been going to as long as I can remember. Remember Towne Club sodas? When we were kids, Mom and Dad would treat us with a couple of bottles from this shop when we were out visiting Grandma and Grandpa. I still remember the wood flat racks holding the colorful bottles of sugary soda (though living in MI, we always called it “pop” – in Chicago, we’re soda people). Anyway, the whole point of this tangent is that we walked into the shop, which also boasts a small pizza operation, and the smell of delicious pizza almost knocked me over. I knew that I would have to whip up some gluten-free pizza soon.

So tonight, gluten-free pizza was on the menu, courtesy of Bob’s Red Mill. Bob makes some very fine mixes, and this one is no different. Most GF pizza mixes seem to be mostly potato starch and white rice flour, which is fine, but lacks a bit in toothiness and texture. Bob throws in some millet and sorghum flours, and the resulting crust is chewy and crisp, and makes for an excellent pizza.

I won’t post the recipe here, as I pretty much follow the recipe on the back of the bag, but my #1 tip for rolling out GF doughs is to roll it between two sheets of oiled parchment. GF pizza dough is much wetter and stickier than wheat dough, and parchment paper makes rolling the dough out a snap. I also bake my pizzas on a pre-heated pizza stone, so that the bottom gets nice and crisp. What you put on the pizza is up to you. Our pizza was topped with homeade tomato sauce, onion, bacon, ham and goat mozzarella. And it was completely delicious.

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