A jug of the good stuff…

This is a BIG bottle of vanilla paste. 32oz, to be exact. I love vanilla, and I’ve been going through about one 4oz bottle of vanilla extract per month between my homeade granola bars and weekly pots of steel cut oats. Perhaps I like more vanilla in my breakfast goodies than most…so it was time for extraordinary measures of large vanilla proportions. I found this huge bottle of vanilla on ebay for $30…a very good price, considering a 4oz bottle of the same paste runs $13 at my local spice shop. The paste is full of beautiful flecks of vanilla bean, which makes me feel like I’m cooking with something fancy. I’m sure some very vanilla recipes will be showing up here soon. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “A jug of the good stuff…

  1. Its a 1:1 ratio, extract to paste. The paste (really more like a syrup) is a little more floral, subtle than the extract, and I suspect has a much higher sugar content than extract, but I like the flavor, and the pretty little flecks of goodness.

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